Financing your home

Northpointe Bank

Northpointe’s convenient construction to permanent loan combines the best features of a construction loan and a permanent loan. There is one closing, one set of closing costs and the interest rate is set prior to closing. Build with 5% down.To determine if a home is within your budget, calculate your monthly mortgage payment using their online mortgage calculator.

To begin the application process, contact Monique at 586.981.0033.

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union is Michigan's #1 credit union mortgage originator. Offering 3-5% down programs, one-time close construction loans which helps minimize costs to the buyer, competitive extended fixed-rate lock options for peace of mind during the construction process, local appraisers who are experts in the market and a dedicated team who works directly with Silverado.

They will even offer Exclusive Incentives for Silverado customers, including a 0.125% Interest Rate Discount, 0.25% Closing Cost Discount and a FEEE appraisal.

For more information, contact Robin Worley at 248.848.7132 or by email at

Construction Loan Interest Reimbursement Program

Silverado Custom Homes is happy to present an enticing offer to our prospective clients. Working closely with our pre-approved lenders has shown that getting a new home construction loan is often the option with the least amount of worry involved. Silverado and the title company will keep track of all funds and their dispersing. The only thing you'll need to do is pay for the construction loan's interest throughout the building of your new home. To make things easier for our customers, Silverado has teamed up with our pre-approved lenders to offer a Construction Loan Interest Reimbursement program! It's simple; during the length of your new home's construction, you will receive monthly statements for your construction loan interest. Silverado will reimburse you the total paid each month, which can then be applied towards future upgrade purchases! Add that something extra to give your new home a unique touch! This program in only available to those clients approved for a New Home Construction Loan through Northpointe Bank or Lake Michigan Credit Union. Reimbursement applicable from permit to C of O.

Community Insurance Center

Silverado now offers another incentive for using our approved lenders and insurance contacts. All homes under construction must obtain a Builder's Risk Policy. Working closely with our representatives at Community Insurance Center, a local insurance company based in Oxford, we have designed a plan to save you the headache of searching for and obtaining a Builder's Risk Policy. If you go through our approved program using Community Insurance, Silverado will pay a flat fee of $250 towards your Builder's Risk Policy, applicable for duration of the construction of your new home.